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Garden of Eden 100

Tourist Spot   |   Oct 29, 2019

Flower garden, beautiful waterfall and preserved forest, Garden of Eden 100 is located in Luban Julu, Toba Samosir Regency, North Sumatra, with an area of ​​40 hectares and easily found because its near Parapat Balige highway. In the Garden of Eden 100, you can do a variety of natural activities, such as; camping, picking strawberries, tree houses better known as tarzan houses, organic fruit gardens, mini waterfalls, orchid breeding, plant nurseries, and so on. Besides that in the Garden of Eden 100 also provides a retreat or spiritual tourism and scout camp activities.

Eden Garden 100 – Photo Credit: travel.trubus

Garden of Eden, a nature tourism has a cool atmosphere and fresh air make you reluctant to leave from this garden. The garden planted with 100 species of plants and at the Garden of Eden also grow rare plants that are rarely to found.

Eden Garden 100 – Photo Credit: GoogleMaps

Mr. Marandus Sirait is a figure who transformed the Garden of Eden 100 into an environmental tourism site. Not surprisingly, in 2005, he received the Kalpataru award, followed by the awarding of Wahana Lestari in 2010. For Mr. Marandus Sirait, the award spurred him to improve the quality of the Garden of Eden 100 in the future.

The time to visit this tour can be done every day from 08.00 WIB until 18.00 WIB, also with affordable ticket prices. If you use a car and other vehicles, don’t worry, the Garden of Eden 100 provides parking for your vehicle.

Source: Gobatak

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