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Sipoholon The Natural Hot Springs

Tourist Spot   |   Oct 28, 2019

Sulphur bath tourist spot, Sipoholon, a really great place to visit. It is not only the natural hot springs, as the result of Lake Toba vulcanic activity. The main difference of Sipoholon hot springs is the beauty of the crater are. The view here is somewhat otherworldly, making.

Located to the southeast of Toba, just a few kilometers away from the shore of the lake. Administratively, this lake is at Situmeang Hasundutan, Sipoholon District, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatera. The hot spring is very accessible via main Sumatra Road. It only takes seven minutes from Taruntung by driving.

Amazing View of Sipaholon – Photo credit: @budisimanjuntak03

As with other volcanic hot springs, the water here is sulfuric. Usually, thesulfur content on the water is safe enough to be beneficial for you. That is why people love bathe in this hot spring. Besides warm water is soothing and relaxing.

The hot springs temperatures can reach up to 70 degrees Celcius. Sometimes, the location tourist bring eggs to boil here. They just put the eggs in the hottest water, wait for several minutes and your boiled egg is ready. This is an interesting attraction for children.

Sipaholon the hot springs – Photo credit: @novia_hh

The main attraction of Sipoholon is the enchanting beauty of the whole area. Mounds of colorful layers with bluish ponds make Sipoholon Hot Spring a very instagramable. In fact, many come to this hot spring for the picture and panorama. The colorful nature of this hot spring even earns it a reputation as a Pamukkale of Sumatra.

Colorful rocks – Photo credit: @adisitumorang

Visit Sipoholon Hot Spring while you enjoying Toba. Prepare your spare clothes and camera to enjoy the best of this place.

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