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Gibeon Hill at Sibisa

Tourist Spot   |   Oct 17, 2019

Gibeon Hill is a family tourism destination located in Toba Samosir Regency and it is a must for you to visit because of its beauty.
The hill, which is more commonly referred to as the Gibeon Hill Seminar Center (PSBG) is actually a Missionary school or Pastor’s school, but the Gibeon Hill Seminar Center is also often used as a retreat center, place of prayer, worship, or just a family vacation. At night, the atmosphere is peaceful since it is protected from noise.

Gibeon Hill – Photo Credit: @agusmulialial

In this area also available several swimming pools, to distinguish the age of visitors, namely; kids pool, adults or regular pool and athletes pool. Do not miss the 7 meters high waterfall. Gibeon Waterfall is a natural waterfall whose water fall is unique and interesting because the water fall directly into a pool or swimming pool which is better known as Gideon Hill Bath.

Menara Doa Segala Bangsa (The Tower of Prayer All Nation ) – Photo Credit: @marselsiahaan

Today the tourist attractions in Gibeon Hill at the Sibisa region has develop. New water rides such as ducks pond is worth to try. Or you can tour Gibeon HIll, there is Menara Doa Segala Bangsa (The Tower of Prayer All Nations) with a unique architecture, plus an orchard where you can buy some fruits.

Atractive Photo Spot – Photo Credit: @aretaadriella

The whole area is integrated into the Komplek Yayasan Pendidikan Yapim Taruna. And beautiful scenery and worth to be enshrined into a attraction that is not boring.

Source: Pariwisatasumut

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