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Lumban Bulbul Beach

Tourist Spot   |   Oct 17, 2019

Lumban Bulbul Beach, is a famous tourist spot in Balige, with white sand and soft. Families often come here to play water sport. Those with kids can spend a beautiful moment here, because not only clean, but it is also shallow. The beach features some facilities like a slide, cottages, a playground, and eateries. Local people consider it similar to Ancol. It is definitely a good vacation spot for everyone, especially families, and kids. The beach also surrounded by shady trees. This makes the beach more comfortable and peaceful. It is a perfect place to relieve stresses, as well.

Lumban Bulbul Beach _Photo Credit:tripelaketoba

The main beauty is its white sand. It attracts tourists from Medan and nearby cities. Some visitors also come from other islands. Even foreigners love to visit Balige.

Lumban Bulbul Beach – Photo Credit: tripelaketoba

The beach is situated about 2 km from Balige. It is in Lumban Bulbul Village. The main access to the beach is from Parapat. You should spend a few of minutes of the trip to reach the location. From Balige, you can take either a rented vehicle or public transportation. An ojek is a good idea, actually. The trip will be comfortable and short. Thus, it is hassle-free. Local people are approachable, so they would help tourist regarding the accommodation and another type of information. Lumban Bulbul beach has the size about 865 meters.

Adventurous tourists may never miss the chance to visit Lumban Bulbul Village. It offers a unique atmosphere. The locals are friendly. They may teach tourists some local traditions. Not to mention there are some good local foods. For foreigners, it is an opportunity to learn the local language.

Source: Toba Tourism

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