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Landai Beach

Tourist Spot   |   Oct 28, 2019

Known as a beautiful beach with water game, Landai Beach in Tambunan Lumbangaol is one of the tourist attractions in Lake Toba that has not been widely reviewed by the media. The beach, which is located in Toba Samosir Regency (Tobasa), Balige Subdistrict, is becoming more popular and being visited by more people than Lumban Silintong Beach.

Beautiful White Sand of Landai Beach – Photo credit:

Landai Beach is a very beautiful and clean, with friendly locals. Plus there are children’s play facilities such as Waterboom. Not surprisingly, on holidays, Landai Beach will be crowded by local people and visitors from outside Tobasa Regency.

Waterboom at Landai Beach has a reasonable ticket price, good service, good hygiene and affordable food prices, visitors and tourists are sure to feel at home and want to come back to Landai Beach.

Every Lake Toba Festival on Landai Beach will be held a painting competition to motivate young people to create and do positive things, especially when traveling. No less exciting, the manager of Waterboom also provides inflatable boats for teenagers and adults who want to play in the waters of Lake Toba.

Source: Medanbisnisdaily

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