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Cross of Love at Siatas Barita

Tourist Spot   |   Nov 14, 2019

Cross of Love at Siatas Barita, Tarutung, in local it’s called Salib Kasih, is a spiritual tourism spot which dedicated to Dr. IL. Nomensen. A monument built to commemorate the dedication of the evangelist from Germany, Dr. IL Nomensen, the first priest where mark his foot off in the land of Batak and spread Christian religion among them.

Cross of Love – Photo credits

This cross has a height of approximately 30 meters and is decorated with lights at night. The cross of love is visible from Tarutung city, which located just below the foothills Siatas Barita. At bottom of the cross of love strut by three big pillars and symbolize the Trinity. While in the middle of the cross there is an inscription LOVE. Love is the most basic things that are taught in Christianity.

From Cross of Love, visitors can view the city Tarutung and the place able to accommodate around 600 people, and on the front there is an altar (where the leader of the sermon), the place use for worship, choir, vocal group and other religious ceremony.

Place for Worship – Photo credits

The Cross of Love is surrounded by small houses, called the House of Prayer, that was donated from various tourists (in general, people who are successful in the overseas), allowed visitor may pray here. About 100 meters from the location there is a hall for worship services usually for spiritual tourism.

The Cross of Love is located on the hill, the foreign or local tourists can use motorcycle, car or bus to the tourist park, where you can buy some souvenirs, restaurants, gaming area, parking area and some other facilities. Journey to the Cross of Love can reach only by foot or some motorcycles. The distance is about less than 1 km. Your trip will start from the main entrance gate of the Cross of Love.

Fresh Air and Cool Mountain Breeze – Photo credits

During the ascent to the Cross of Love, visitors will feel the cool mountain breeze, this is not surprising since Dolok Siatas Barita is filled with plants pine trees. On the way there visitors will find few verses in the Bible, written on wood or stone carvings and attached to the pine trees. It’s deliberately left there by visitors as a keepsake for other visitors.

Source: IndonesiaTourist

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